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Gem stone astrology

When positions of planets are not good for you, gemstones are used to keep off planetary misfortune. Identification and selection of a correct gemstone is a critical work for a person. Expert astrologer provides their guidance to select a right gemstone for you with thier keen observation and intuition. Before wearing a gemstone you must be sure that the gemstone is compatible to you or not. Incompatible gemstone can show negative effects for you. So it is highly recommended that you should take expert astrologer advise before wearing a gem stone.

Correct weight gem stone needs to considered before any use. Too heavy stone can overload and too little may not  work at all. The weight of a stone should balanced so that it properly strengthen your planetary positions of stars.

Our expert astrologers will your horoscope and describe gemstones most suitable for you which will enhance your education, career, love or health prospects.

We can provide you the following details:

  • Most suitable gemstone for you
  • Correct weight of gem stone
  • Right metal with gemstone to be used
  • auspicious Date & time to wear gemstone with wearing instructions to get maximum benefit
  • Mantra to energized before wearing
  • Gem stones to minimize personal problems like education, career, life or health problem