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Corporate Astrology

Corporate astrology is the application of Astrological principles to companies, firms, industries, institutions, organization etc. It is known and accepted by all that due to planetary forces certain companies prosper well and others fail miserably. In order to implement measures and to ensure the prosperity of the company and those associated with a detailed study becomes inevitable.

Astrology can be of a great help in this.  It is possible to analyze the correct talents, skills, abilities, attitudes, trends of all your employees (current as well as new one) with the help of Astrology. The horoscope of a person reveals all these things in a very very clear way which can be used to know the person/employee very well. You will definitely agree with me that mere "bio-data" of a person does not reveal the "inner" personality of a person. This is where Astrology comes in the picture.

With the help of Astrological analysis of a person, Employer will gain following benefits,

  • Finding out the real skills, talents, attitude and nature of a person (which can't be revealed just from the resume) which can be successfully used to put that person at the proper position/post.
  • Can avoid the inter-personal conflicts between 2 group heads or 2 dept. heads. Astrological advice can be given with high accuracy regarding which group/dept. heads can have good rapport with each other. Astrologically, it is possible to ascertain which people in the group can have great rapport with each other or can't work together. This will help the management to avoid internal clashes among group members.
  • Find out which employees are "Gems" for the company. Astrological advice can be given regarding which employees can prove highly useful to be company. Such people need appreciation/award (may not be just reward) for their achievements, otherwise such "Gems" prefer to leave the company at any time if management ignores them.