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  Ask a Question
Is there any question or problem lingering in your mind causing encumbrances and you desperately want to know the answer? Astrology can erase your doubts and fears, and answer your queries. Ask our expert astrologers and get a reply within 72 hours.

  Business Partnership Analysis
Partnerships play a pivotal role in any commercial enterprise. Figure out your levels of astrological compatibility with your partner, whether you should start or continue the partnership with that person, and what are the remedial solutions to get over an unpleasant resistivity with your partner etc.

  Career / Job
A good and fulfilling career is essential for overall success in life. Our expert astrologers explain- what career you should go for, what are your prospects in different areas, what you should do for the betterment of your career and what kind of goals you should plan et cetera.

  Marriage Compatibility Analysis
Ask our expert astrologers- if you are compatible with a person, whether you should embark the life journey with that person or not and what future holds for two of you as a couple. And if you are facing problems in your marital life, what you should do in order to get out of the hot waters.

  Health & Fitness
If you are facing the issues related to your health and fitness, it is always suggested to take precautionary measures as soon as possible. Ask our expert astrologers, what is causing the problem and what astrological measures should be taken to get out of this jinx of bad health..

  Muhurta (Auspicious Moment)
If you begin to do some work in a right “muhurta” for that task, you are most likely to be succeeded. Otherwise every attempt proves to be futile. If you are going to do anything important e.g. starting new enterprise or marriage etc, ask our expert astrologers for right Muhurta..